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About Sam Hanhan

Sam Hanhan began his career working with a web analytics software firm in 1999. He started designing, developing and optimizing websites in 2001 leveraging his passion for creative and his statistical knowledge in online behavior. Sam has actively participated in internet discussion panels, featured as a keynote speaker, and was a college instructor for online retail. Today, Sam is an expert in online strategy, UX design and SEO.

SEO Tips for Self Managed WordPress Sites

You’ve managed to get a WordPress site developed for your business that you are satisfied with. Now it needs to be found. Maybe you shopped SEO agencies and decided to save some money by using someone in-house, or yourself, to maintain your website and give a hand at SEO. But chances are, you are murdering your website’s SEO and I can’t stand to think of that happening. Continue reading

Conversion Rate Optimization: Is your website limiting your business?

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) is the process of implementing best-practices, and tests, in effort to achieve the highest percentage of site visitors to complete your desired action. It is important because it directly improves ROI for the long-term, and it is much more cost-effective than trying to drive and sustain additional visitors to your website. Most websites today are not strategically planned and designed for Conversion Rate Optimization. Then once a site is launched, people tend to focus on driving more traffic while CRO takes a backseat. Continue reading